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Texas Wendish Heritage Society

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Good News!!!  TWHS was recently awarded a grant from the Lehman Foundation to help fund a project to renovate and enlarge the Kilian Building, one of 5 buildings that comprise our Museum complex.  The Kilian Building houses the kitchen where noodles are made, and is also the space where meetings are held and tour groups are fed.  The project will include increasing the size of the building to create a larger kitchen and noodle-making area, improving rest room facilities, adding more storage space, and enlarging the area where meetings are held.  Thank you Lehman Foundation Trustees!

The funds from the Lehman Foundation will pay approximately 2/3 the cost of the project - but it is up to us to raise the necessary funds to cover the remainder of the expenses. Please consider making a donation. Thank you for your generosity!

This year the programs presented at our quarterly TWHS membership meetings will focus on the Texas Wends' Civil War experiences.  Wilfred Schlather, who has researched the Civil War experience of Texas soldiers (which includes many of the Wends), was the speaker at our February 16 meeting.  Join us for the next meeting, featuring Doug Kubicek presenting Reconstructing Your Ancestors, on Sunday, May 18th, 2014! From 1865 to 1875 the Reconstruction Era was upon Texas and the South. Mr. Kubicek will take us down this path of challenges, using historical events as our guide.
The New York Times recently published an article featuring the Texas Wendish Heritage Society. This article, written by Corrie MacLaggan for The Texas Tribune, is entitled The Joys of Being Wendish, Festival and All. Several festival attendees are briefly interviewed, including Evelyn Buchhorn, Russell Schwausch, Dwight Nitsche, George Nielsen, Charles Wukasch, Weldon Mersiovsky, and David Goeke. This appeared in the October 11th, 2013 edition of The New York Times.

We have dedicated a special section of our sister website to coverage of 2013's WHKE. The Wendish History and Knowledge Extravaganza! Be sure to view video of Dr. George Nielsen's presentation.

Members receive quarterly newsletters. Membership meetings are held quarterly at the museum. Special events include the Annual Wendish Fest held the fourth Sunday in September at the Museum complex and St. Paul picnic grounds in Serbin, Texas.

The Texas Wendish Heritage Museum is operated by the Society to preserve documents and artifacts pertaining to the Wendish culture. It is supported by our members through their annual dues.

Want to join? Click on the "Membership" tab at the top of this page for more information.

For information concerning the Scharath Wendish Family Scholarships, click on the "News" tab at the top of this page.

Texas Wendish Heritage Society
1011 County Road 212
Giddings, Texas 78942-5940

Phone Number: (979) 366-2441

Fax Number: (979) 366-2805

2012-13 Officers:
Raymond Arldt - President
Weldon Mersiovsky - Vice President
Helen Murphy - Secretary
Vivian Dube - Past President

2013-14 Board of Directors:

George Boerger
Chuck Dube
Travis Urban
Bettie Horn Bendewald
Steve Hooper
Monroe Miertschin
Hattie Schautschick
Mark Wendland
Chris Becker
Richard Gruetzner